FAITH TEAM MINISTRIES                                                         POWELL PORTER

FAITH TEAM MINISTRIES                                                         POWELL PORTER

Single sermons 400 - 499

Each Teaching - $6.00 EACH

*Indicates this tape also available in a series

P-400   Intercessory Prayer   *(S-043)

P-401   Lazarus   *(S-043)

P-402   Everything Reproduces After It's Own Kind

P-403   The Way Of Righteousness

P-404   Sow The Word

P-405   Enjoy His Fellowship

P-406   The Law Of Judgment

P-407   Deceitfulness Of Sin

P-408   Strife

P-409   Victory Over Strife

P-410   Freedom From Bondage

P-411   Let God Take Thought

P-412   In His Way

P-413   Obey The Spirit Of God

P-414   Dominion Over Your Spirit

P-415   The New Creation

P-416   The Manifested New Creation

P-417   Being Renewed In The Spirit Of Your Mind #1  *(S-018)

P-418   Being Renewed In The Spirit Of Your Mind #2   *(S-018)

P-419   Being Renewed In The Spirit Of Your Mind #3  *(S-018)

P-420   Being Renewed In The Spirit Of Your Mind #4  *(S-018)

P-421   Being Renewed In The Spirit Of Your Mind #5  *(S-018)

P-422   Being Renewed In The Spirit Of Your Mind #6  *(S-018)

P-423   Be Ye Perfect

P-424   The Knowledge Of Sin And Of Righteousness

P-425   Intercession I

P-426   Renew Your Mind From Condemnation

P-427   Jesus' High Priestly Ministry

P-428   Joy Is Our Ammunition   *(S-049)

P-429   Get Rich Off The Devil   *(S-049)

P-430   Be Not Offended   *(S-036)

P-431   Get Offended And You'll Lose   *(S-036)

P-432   Jesus Resisted Offense   *(S-036)

P-433   Faith In The Holy Ghost

P-434   Spiritual Laws Govern The Natural Laws

P-435   Exercise Our Dominion For The Earth To Produce *(S-052)

P-436   Abide In The Holy Ghost

P-437   Faith That Works

P-438   The Holy Ghost In The Last Days

P-439   Operating Spiritual Law

P-440   Hear God's Voice And Step Out By Faith

P-441   Drunkenness

P-442   Our Covenant God

P-443   Faith Works When You Are Right With God

P-444   Double Standard

P-445   To Be Successful You Need God's Wisdom

P-446   Authority Over Thoughts

P-447   Faith Is The Substance

P-448   Operating By The Faith Of God

P-449   Endurance

P-450   Weaning The Body Of Christ

P-451   Angels Are Part Of Our Inheritance

P-452   Our Inheritance In Christ

P-453   A Proclaimed Fast

P-454   The Names Of Jesus #1   *(S-048)

P-455   The Names Of Jesus #2   *(S-048)

P-456   The Names Of Jesus #3   *(S-048)

P-457   The Comforter, Eternal Spirit, And Free Spirit  *(S-034)

P-458   The Holy Spirit And Power Of The Highest   *(S-034)

P-459   The Spirit Of Adoption   *(S-034)

P-460   The Spirit Of Christ   *(S-034)

P-461   The Spirit Of Counsel   *(S-034)

P-462   The Spirit Of Glory   *(S-034)

P-463   The Spirit Of God   *(S-035)

P-464   The Spirit Of Grace  I   *(S-035)

P-465   The Spirit Of Grace  II   *(S-035)

P-466   The Spirit Of Grace III   *(S-035)

P-467   The Spirit Of Judgment   *(S-035)

P-468   The Spirit Of Wisdom I   *(S-035)

P-469   The Spirit Of Wisdom II

P-470   The Spirit Of The Father

P-471   The Spirit Of Life I

P-472   The Spirit Of Life II

P-473   Stony Hearts Choke The Word

P-474   Children Of Light

P-475   Your Needs Met Through A Right Heart

P-476   The Good Ground Of Your Heart

P-477   If You Can't Change The Least, Why Take Thought  For The Rest

P-478   To Have A Right Heart And Forgiveness

P-479   You Are A Product Of The Desires Of Your Heart

P-480   Inner Strife

P-481   A Lively Hope

P-482   Wrong Hearts Choke The Word

P-483   A Healthy Spirit

P-484   Power Twins: Upright Heart And Our Rightstanding In Christ

P-485   Don't Get Caught Drunk At The Rapture

P-486   Qualifications For The Rapture I

P-487   Qualifications For The Rapture II

P-488   God Provides Seed For The Sower

P-489   Our Ability In Christ

P-490   Releasing Faith In Your Return

P-491   Faith In A Godly Family

P-492   Keeping An Upright Covenant

P-493   Faith In God's Wisdom

P-494   Respecting Another Man's Faith

P-495   Transgressing The Law Of Faith

P-496   The Perfect Law Of Liberty

P-497   Live Peaceably With All Men

P-498   Faith Won't Work In A Condemned Heart

P-499   Justified By Faith

*Indicates this tape also available in a series